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As far back as the Romans, there has been a settlement at Colehurst. In the 12th Century William the Conqueror gave the area to Roger Culeculle where the name Colehurst originated from.

Benedictine monks lived and worshipped at the original Manor through the 13th webhosting24.ie Century before the Barker family came to Colehurst in 1275. It then remained in their ownership until the beginning of the 18th Century. The manor you see today was built in 1580 with Charles I as one of its visitors.

The Coton family came to Colehurst in 1704 and the manor got the status "Capital Manor". Over the next two centuries the property changed hands through the Stilltoe family, by marriage of the Griffiths and later to Isabella Spencer, Great Great Aunt to Princess Diana. In 1875 the Manor was restored and remained in the Griffiths family until 1956 when it was sold with the farm. It was left empty from 1976 until 1986 when the current owners came to its rescue.

Old Colehurst Manor is one of the most important Elizabethan manor houses in Shropshire. Grade II* listed being of great historic interest, the house has been lovingly restored to an exceptional specification preserving many of the fine historic features, making this an exceptional and romantic wedding venue.

Old Colehurst Manor was nearly derelict when purchased by the current owners before undergoing seven years of restoration work, working alongside English Heritage, to bring it back to its former glory. It has been painstakingly studied, taken apart and rebuilt only using traditional building methods, skills and materials wherever feasibly possible. The studwork and walls have been filled with wattle and daub, the timbers have been pegged and features including oak panelling, finely carved chimney pieces, leaded oak mullion windows and fireplaces have been retained.

We invite you to use our home for your wedding venue, as we are licensed to carry out Matrimonial Weddings. Imagine having exclusive use of a beautiful medieval manor house for your wedding venue. We are pleased to offer the unique opportunity to hire Colehurst for one day or for the whole of your wedding weekend. The wedding venue is based in Drayton, Shropshire and in easy reach of South Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire.

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